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Italian Brandy “NUMA Special Reserve” 70 cl. – 44 % abv

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Product Description

Producer: Valle del Marta – City: Tarquinia VT – Country: Italy.
Aut. Gov.: IT00VTX00001M.
Size: 70 cl.  – Clear glass bottle.
Proof: 44% abv.
Ingredients: Wine distilled, water, sugar.
Description: The Brandy “NUMA SPECIAL RESERVE” is a unique reserve: it spends its very long ageing resting in a blend of woods such as oak, almond and cherry.
The colour fades from brilliant chestnut honey to the suggestive brown “of Siena”, and these shades change when the light shines through the liquor.
Its perfume is enveloping, the sweet notes given by ageing resemble the typical scents of Sicilian pastries, in which almond mixes with sugar and marzipan paste.
With your eyes closed, you can appreciate its scents, which intertwine with each other, varying between cherry, vanilla, sandalwood and a faint scent of Tuscan tobacco, all almost tracing a tantalizing sensory journey.
In the mouth, it is round and warm, almost alcohol-free, although its 44% caresses your gums. Moreover, it is delicate and soft in the throat. The aftertaste is persistent beyond average. The desire is to sniff it and drink it in small doses, just to never see the end of the glass.

Serving temp: 22° C.
Storage: In a dry and cool place.



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Dimensions 15 x 15 x 25 cm
Black case included