Four generations are passed; the tradition to transform all of the products we grow has remained the same.

Our forefathers, at the end of the year 800, transformed fruit into jams and marmalades, that should be consumed through the year. They conserved vegetables using extra virgin olive oil, to maintain the entire organic quality unchanged. Their habit was to talk about their daily work on the fields and at the end of the dinner (in order to recover), they nipped an infusion of herbs or a glass of wine.

At dawn, early in the morning, after they woke up, they usually drunk a big glass

of fresh milk and used honey as sweetener.

These traditions enriched our spirit, we praise the values of nature, a smile, friendship, the enjoyment of entertaining and knowing new people in our house. To relate to the past time and the simple and correct way of living through sincere gestures, renews our daily wish of these unattainable values.

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