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Amaro BlackBitterOrange 75 cl

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Producer: Valle del Marta – City: Tarquinia VT – Country: Italy.
Aut. Gov.: IT00VTX00001M.
Size: 75 cl. – Clear glass bottle.
Proof: 30% abv
Ingredients: Alcohol solution, water, herbs, sugar and Merangolo skin orange.
Description: This liquor is prepared with a cold hydro-alcoholic infusion of herbs and roots cultivated at Valle del Marta. The citrus flavor is given by the infusion of the peel (only the orange part) of the merangola or merangolo, a typical orange belonging to the Italian agricultural tradition. In the town of Tarquinia there have been traces of this shrub since 1300, when peasants used the juice of this fruit to flavor bruschetta, or the peel to flavor some types of vegetables. Visually, this amaro has a color ranging from burnt amber to black coffee, in backlight it has amaranth streaks. Its aroma is characterized by citrusy scent which leaves little space to the spicy and herbaceous notes that the amaro has. The taste is complex, enveloping, agreeable, rich of taste. Suitable for cocktails, pleasant with the addition of ice and water as a thirst-quencher.
Storage: In a dry and cool place.



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